Welcome, everyone!


Our theater company performs improv shows and host improv jams in Westchester, NY, and beyond. Our goal is to raise the profile of the Hudson Valley as a destination for improv comedy and theater. Head on over to our People page to learn more about the performers behind the work, and check out the Classes and Calendar tabs for upcoming events. We are dedicated to creating a safe space to play in, which is why we have a Code of Conduct. And finally, we want to hear from you! Click on Contact to get in touch or subscribe to our newsletter.

Our mission is to:

• Perform quality improv and comedic entertainment for the Hudson Valley and surrounding areas.
• Create and foster well-rounded players.
• Provide an inclusive and welcoming atmosphere for all.
• To serve the improv and comedy community in the Hudson Valley.

What does that mean?

• Produce regularly-scheduled improv and sketch shows.
• Hold high-quality classes with experienced teachers. Create opportunities for people to learn new skills in performance, whether it’s an improv skill or something related, like technical direction.
• Instead of leveled class system, create a flat skills-based training program
• Hold auditions open to anyone, regardless of their participation in our classes, and encourage independently-produced shows.
• Consistently provide open stage time through regular improv jams.