Classes, Coaching, and More!

For many people, improv classes are great way to overcome stage fright or combat shyness. For actors, improv can enliven their performance in ways they never thought possible! And for some of us, like me, pure improv itself is a wonderful art form capable of producing truly surprising theatrical moments. Whatever your reason for learning improv is, you'll find quality training here at Superlative.

Head on over to our shop page where you can sign up for our Intro to Long Form Improvisation class. What is "long form," you ask? Imagine a performance piece made up of series of independent scenes, all loosely connected by a thread or theme, and inspired by a single suggestion. It's the kind of improv practiced by some of your favorite comic actors right now, like Ellie Kemper or Thomas Middleditch (at least, they're my favorite). I can promise you a supportive, professional environment, designed to welcome newcomers to the craft while also challenging veterans. We've also got private coaching available for individuals or ensembles.

If you're interested in playing with us, keep your eyes glued to this space (or sign up for our newsletter here). Last week we hosted a test version of an Improv Mixer (tentative name), and we were happy with how it worked out. We're working on scheduling another jam session for August, and we want you there!